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Welcome to TechLogic Global Solutions Private Limited. Possessing an all-round view and observing the requirements in the market, we became curious and decided to adapt to the changes in customer needs. With the changing needs, a single enterprise with one type of solution cannot compete and reach to its complete potential. Hence, sustainable development can be achieved with changing needs by providing innovative, secure, effective and simple solutions for the necessities of customers under a single roof in an organized way.

In today's life, people prefer a place where every requirement they have are easily reachable and available, the TechLogic Global Solutions Private Limited (TGSPL) is a unique place to reach for all kinds of technical requirements and solutions.

Our Values
We believe that living by strong values is the key to good business. At TGSPL, a rigorous code of conduct and core values are at the heart of every decision we make.

Our core values are deeply rooted and reflected in every aspect of our business. It is the internal driving force for the company and our commitments to the ecosystem. These values enable us to provide effective service to our customers and to achieve our thought - "Technology makes life simple"

At TGSPL, we follow simple business philosophy:

  • To make life simple with best use of technologies.
  • To devote our talent and technology to create superior products and services that contributes to a better global and well organized society.
Quite simple, a company is of its people, principles and values. At TGSPL, we're dedicated to give our people a wealth of opportunities to reach to the full extent of their potential. TGSPL exists to serve people (Customers), whose demands are the driving forces behind our development. We continuously are willing to create long-term values to people by being responsive to their needs and requirements.